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Clinical Nutritionist, Michael Franklin MA (Oxon) Dip NS, founded the Allergy and Nutrition Centre. He has written many articles on health for magazines such as Time Out, Health Advisor, Holland & Barrett magazine and Healthy Eating and has been quoted in many other national magazines and newspapers including the Daily Mail and The Guardian.

Sadly, Michael Franklin passed away in 2014 and now Victoria Tyler is heading the clinic and continues to specialise in helping paients find the root cause of hitherto unexplainable symptoms. Victoria started working with Michael Franklin, more than 10 years ago and was awarded a BSc HONS in Nutritional Therapy. Victoria also works with patients at other established centres including
Please read some of our articles, The Real Causes of IBS, which summarise research into 120 cases of IBS, this was the cover story in a recent issue of Positive Health magazine.

Many patients have been kind enough to say that we have an uncanny ability to see the links between their different symptoms and explain to them for the first time in their lives precisely how their health has gone wrong and what they should do about it.

Doctors usually cannot do this. Firstly, they are extraordinarily hampered by the fact that GP consultations last only six or seven minutes. Secondly, and even more importantly, they have been taught since medical school that medicine is compartmentalised: taught that you need a different specialist for each part of the body.

The truth is that most chronic illnesses and most chronic symptoms are multifactorial. They have not just one cause but several different ones. Nutritionists and naturopaths are the only health practitioners trained and encouraged to look at all bodily symptoms holistically - which means looking at them as a whole - ie as comprehensively as possible.

GPs ask most patients two questions or three at the most. Our questionnaires ask 102 questions and contain checklists of 79 symptoms as well as gathering information about which foods the patient is eating and how often he/she is eating them. So our information gathering process is probably 40 times more exhaustive and effective than the average GP consultation. Of course GPs can order tests but we can use those tests too and we make use of certain very sophisticated tests from private laboratories (some of them American) that are not yet available on the NHS and probably won’t be available for at least another ten years.

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